Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My fax machine has a handset connected to it and I hear dial tone when I left the handset. Am I able to make a phone call with my fax machine using the SchoolFax service?
A: No. Only fax calls are supported on the SchoolFax network. The dial tone you hear is simulated so that your fax machine will recognize it.

Q: Where do the faxes go once they leave my fax machine?
A: Your faxes are sent to the SchoolFax Cloud Server which then relays your fax to the destined fax number.

Q: I am receiving two fax confirmations for each fax. How can I make it so that I only receive one fax confirmation?
A: You need to disable the fax confirmation feature on your fax machine. The only valid fax confirmation will be one that is sent to you from the SchoolFax Cloud server.